S A Prüm

The Prüm name has been synonymous with quality wine production in the middle Mosel where the family has been cultivating vineyards since 1156.

The vineyard’s namesake, Sebastian Alois Prüm (1794-1871), owned 17 hectares in the mid 19th century, the largest privately-owned wine estate on the Mosel at the time. His great grandson Raimund (1950 - present), inherited in 1971 and in 2017, passed the estate to his daughter Saskia, a qualified winemaker in the summer of 2017.

Saskia now owns the sonnenuhr (sundial), constructed by her ancestors in 1842, which gives the name to the world famous Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard.

There is nothing more enjoyable than a glass of Mosel Riesling Kabinett at any time. The harmony of fruit and acidity is spectacular and the modest alcohol merely encourages a little indulgence.


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