Emil Bauer

The Bauer winery has a history dating back to 1840. Started by the early Bauers, the vineyard back then was quite small. Throughout the years we’ve grown our vineyards as every generation brought their ideas that developed the winery into what it is today. A family owned and run quality vineyard focusing on homegrown varieties specific to the Wagram region.

Our winery is in the sleepy little village of Ottenthal, less than one hour from the historic city of Vienna. This region is a wine making mecca, with an abundance of fertile, lush soil, nutrient rich rock beds and wild berry shrubs and nut trees lining many a field. We have all the natural ingredients we could ever need to produce wine for the gods, well, you and me anyway. :)

It is here we guide the grapes through a process, combined from the best of the old and new world techniques which we’ve learnt in different parts of the world, such as New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Austrian wineries from Neusiedlersee to Wachau and Kamptal. Each of these wineries have their own techniques that inspired us to try new things to bring our wines to the next level. We don’t leave the process to a computer to run, we use the skills learnt from years of practice, years of walking the vineyards and tasting individual grapes or knowing when an oak barrel has come to the end of its wine making days. These skills are learnt, honed and crafted by the whole family.

The focus on homegrown varieties specific to our region comes from seeing the climate, the soil and the grapes aligning perfectly for producing the following wines: Grüner Veltliner, Roter Veltliner, Riesling, Blauer Zweigelt. These are key of the Wagram region that we constantly strive to perfect. We truly live by the belief that we need to take care of our environment and protect what we’ve built over decades. Our work in the vineyards is mostly done by hand, which allows us to focus on every vine according to individual needs based on location, exposure, variety and level of quality.

It is important to work with what nature offers us without using additives. One of the measures we use to create a healthy and sustainable habitat, is greening between the rows of vines. Different types of greening, such as clover, legumes and herbs attract beneficial animals and insects that create biodiversity for nutrient rich soil in our vineyards. Basically, from a healthy grape straight into the bottle! So sit back, hopefully you’ve just ordered a bottle of silky smooth Bauer Vino, and before you know it you’ll be looking down at that empty glass wishing you’d bought more :) We look forward to hearing from you soon, we look forward to hearing how our Grüner Veltliner was the life of your dinner party, and most of all we look forward to seeing you in person with a big cheesy smile on all of our faces, till then, Prost, Cheers and Santé!

Matthias Bauer

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