In Situ

The family owned Viña San Esteban vineyards and winery are located in the La Florida and Paidahuen vineyards, in the town of San Esteban in the Aconcagua Valley in central Chile. Privileged soil conditions and the Aconcagua's microclimate, together with quality technological practices in the vineyards and the winery, produce quality grapes and wines which are recognised internationally.

In Situ is a ‘terroir project’ with the vineyards located at the eastern end of the Aconcagua river Valley. The warm daytime temperatures provide ideal ripening conditions for the grapes, while the altitude and the breezes that descend from the Andes mountains at night provide the cooling required to achieve the balancing acidity necessary for great wines.

The area has been a meeting point for Aconcagua Valley inhabitants for hundreds of years and the enigmatic rock drawings remain intact today among the native flora and cultivated vines that adorn the hillsides. These ancient drawings, resembling a spider's web, form part of the design of the distinctive In Situ packaging.

1500m altitude in the Andes foothills, handpicked fruit. The Signature range comprises Interesting blends from the land of mono-varietals.

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