Germany produces an exhilarating and exciting cornucopia of wines; wines that serve every purpose and occasion.

Delibo represents three growers who are all distinct, recognised and consistent producers of terrific wines.

S A Prüm, Wehlen, Mosel is the classic winemaker, hundreds of years of history & experience producing the superlative racy expressions of Riesling from bone dry to sublimely sweet.

Bibo Runge, Hallgarten, Rheingau. Founded in 2013, Markus Bonsels the owner has an academic and intuitive approach. Science and study is the backbone of this estate and the wines are clear, bright and rich.

Oliver Zeter, Neustadt, Pfalz. A most creative winemaker, who has examined the terroir and produces, alongside Riesling and Pinot Noir, international styles - look no further than the Sauvignon Blancs to see what he can do.

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