Domaine du Grand Cros

Domaine du Grand Cros is first a story about a couple, Jane and Hugh Faulkner, who fell in love with a little corner of Provence in 1989. On the 24 hectares of vineyards in the foothills of the Massif des Maures, surrounded by pine and olive trees and dry stone terraces, they restored an ancient Provencal manor house and brought a new lease of life to Le Grand Cros.


In 1999, their son Julian joined them to take over the reins and carried out major restructuring of the vineyards and upgrade of the winery. This enabled a better respect for the great potential of the terroir and the environment. It’s future proofing by looking to scale up through acquisition of further land and thus supporting brand growth.


Julian has strived to blend science and art. The estate has always been very early adopters of the latest technology: such as the weather station that enables precise adjustment to the work amongst the vines and reduction in the use of fungicides ; or the infra-red camera to calculate the optimal date of harvest. However science does not have answers to everything and its at that point that art and the instinct of the winemaker takes over to ensure the quality of wines that best reflect the spirit of Le Grand Cros estate.

 Julian in the vineyard

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  • A lychee pink with peachy reflections. Nose is elegant and very complex: white peaches, mango, hawthorn blossom then pink peppercorn, dry apricot and thyme. Very classy. The attack is fresh with volume and the fruit fills the mouth. This rosé is complex with a delightful long lingering aftertaste showing great fruit ripeness.Fish carpaccio, salads, vegetarian dishes, grilled fish and white meat.

  • A lychee pink hue with slight salmon reflections.  The nose is intense and fruity: strawberry, yellow peach. The fresh fruit explodes in the mouth - strawberry and grapefruit. An attractive and persistent finish.

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