Winemaking in Württemberg dates back to 1510 and the Dautel winery is in the heart of the region at Bonnigheim. Ernst Dautel left the co-operative almost as soon as he completed his studies at Geisenheim as he recognised the potential of his vineyards and knew he could create wines of the calibre he had tasted on his travels in Italy and France. His passion to make great wines has played a significant part in bringing Wurttemberg to the attention of wine consumers around the world.

Son Christian is a completely dedicated winemaker and produces wonderful Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc. This passion comes from time spent in South Africa, USA, Australia and France which gave him the knowledge and experience to build on his father Ernst’s commitment to the vineyards and potential of the estate. When you walk into the winery there is a glass fronted block which contains samples of soil from four different vineyards. The very presence of this display tells the visitor that the vineyard is where the work is done, and the wine that is made there is a true reflection of its origin.

Dautel is pronounced Dow-tle.


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